Volunteers! to help with our admin duties as we venture into the future. Hours to suit and we are looking for interesting (and interested) people who want to be part of the South Perth Learning Centre and therefore the wider community, bringing social and learning experiences to our Centre's members.

Join us today and experience a whole new social concept at the South Perth Learning Centre - Where good things always happen! Call Veronica  on 0409 035 343 to find out more!

Our Organisation

South Perth Learning Centre Inc is an adult education and life-long learning centre based in South Perth, offering affordable courses, workshops and outings for more than 28 years. We are a self-funded, incorporated not-for-profit organisation, operating independently with revenue from membership and course fees together with fund-raising activities. Our members come from all walks of life and from all over the Metropolitan area. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and sharing experiences, skills, knowledge and friendship in a supportive and caring environment.

Our courses, talks, clubs, outings and activities cater for a wide range of tastes - there is always something interesting to do, someone to listen to and something to inform you and to amuse. During terms feel free to call in and talk to our friendly team 9.00am - 5.00pm Mon to Friday or 9am - 1pm Saturday.

Between terms or for information on our activities please call us on 9367 1254 and leave a message, check this website or email us at: secretary@splc.org.au or admin@splc.org.au

How We Operate

SPLC is open to all adults. Membership is inclusive and we welcome people from all areas, cultures, all ages and abilities. During terms we are open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5.00pm and Saturdays 9am-1.00pm. Outside of these hours please ring 9367 1254 and leave a message or 0409 035 343 or email us on admin@splc.org.au and we will get back to you.

The South Perth Learning Centre Inc is a self-funded not for profit organisation, operating with revenue from membership and course fees together with out of hours Room Hire to appropriate Organisations and from fund-raising activities. Refreshments of tea, coffee and biscuits are available free of charge to members.

Our year's activities are held over four 8-weekly terms similar to the four school terms.

Courses in languages (French, Indonesian, Spanish and Italian), Drawing & Water Colours, History, Computing and Information Technology are all well patronised, while talks on a wide variety of subjects, outings and clubs (Book, Movie, Poetry, Cryptic Crosswords and Mahjong) and Cooking Demonstrations, attract members who return year after year, forming strong friendships and community links.

We develop and produce our quarterly program in-house which is then emailed to members or mailed out by our team of volunteers.

We are proud that we operate the Centre with only 1 part time paid Centre Manager, with Volunteers taking responsibility for many areas of the Centre's operations including the day to day running of the Centre, editing the program and setting up the rooms. These committed Volunteers also operate the Reception, organise events & fund-raising, teach and/or run the many activities which we provide.

SPLC - Where Good Things Happen!

Latest News

Making a Splash at the Angelo Street Market! 

We were SO excited to be involved with the Angelo St Marketplace this year  THANK YOU to all our fabulous Volunteers and to all our visitors who came along to support us.

John McGrath (MLA) came to wish us well and is a constant supporter of the SPLC. Good to see you John - visit us any time you like!

Our Artist in Residence - Barbara sketched visitors who were thrilled to see an artist in Action! Lindsay our expert on Afghanistan was inundated with questions about his fascinating insights into all things current and newsworthy!   Last but not least our floral arranger Linda  showed how to make everything from a buttonnierre to posies to large architectural floral arrangements - a good time was had by all!

See more photos on our Gallery page and if you are not a member, then come and talk to us and find out what we can offer you!

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Website: www.splc.org.au
Facebook: SouthPerthLearningCentre Inc
Twitter: @SPLC6151
Blog: SouthPerthLearningCentre.blogspot.com.au

Do you have an expertise you could share at the Centre?

We are always on the look out for interesting teachers, speakers and presenters to offer a wide range of topics and courses of interest to stimulate our members. If you have experience or knowledge you would like to share, love meeting new people and a desire to 'spread the word' then call us!

Please feel free to contact the Centre on 9367 1254 or email admin@splc.org.au  for further details.

What's On


Activities for Term 2

Alfred to Magna Carta (870-1215) Part 2.

Folowing on from Term 1, Ernie takes us through the journey and influence of the Vikings in England and the Danish rule in England ending up with the Magna Carta

Homer's Odyssey

Beginning in Greece with the Illiad this term we take a closer look at the Odyssey, reflecting on the themes, myths and significance for the Greeks and Greece.

Meditation for Everyone

The art of meditation has long been used to alleviate stress and engender a feeling of well-being.  Fridays 9.30am - 11.00am

Starting Your Family Tree

Who were your ancestors? Do you know their stories? Find out where to start and how to compile the information through research, artefacts and photos.

Women Who Changed History

Ancient Egyptian and Greecian women taught philosophy and mathematics in a time when Plato and Aristotle thought women were inferior! Come and find out about the few courageous women who proved them wrong.

Your Life Story - 9 June 1.30pm

They say that everyone has a story to tell - what's yours? Rhuwina will talk you through the basic steps of what you need to consider when starting out.

Kitchen Frolics

Spice up your life in the kitchen with these all time favourites.

Chicken Biryani - mixed rice dish full of spices, rice, meat and vegetables - aroma heaven!

Eggplant Curry - Punjabi favourite - easy lunch for people on the go!

Prawn and  Chickpea Curry - a dish to delight everyone!